About me

Copyright © Chris NunanMy birth name is Timothy Christian Nunan – people call me Chris.

I’m half Danish and English/ Irish.

I have a MA in Language and Psychology and I love taking pictures and teaching.

The other day a snail caught my attention and in a way that is an image that captures how I feel about life. Vulnerable but with a hard shell to protect me. Not always that fast – but on the move – knowing and sensing the terrain. Knowing that I always have “home” with me.

A snail on the trail  © Chris Nunan

My formal qualifications are:

Certified Teacher – Literature and Psychology (Academic level MA)

Focusing Trainer – Certified by The Focusing Institute USA (CFT) 2013

Certified Mindfulness Instructor MBSR

Certified Deep Therapy Therapist (practically applied therapy)

Senior WuJI Gong Teacher

Coach with a spiritual perspective (Angel Coach Certification)

Speciality in Cognitive Behaviour Training

Leadership Trainer (Assertion and personal leadership)

Certified Inner RePatterning Practitioner (mindfulness approach)

EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique / tapping)

Certified NLP Business Practitioner

Voice Dialogue teacher

“Soul Nudger” (Inside out approach – 3 Principles Practitioner)

A long track record of clients

Timothy C Nunan
Timothy C Nunan

I am 59 years old and live in a deep and meaningful relationship with Doris who is a EFT Energy Coach who works with all sorts of clients.

We love to teach Qi Gong together and are both senior teachers in our special Qi Gong – WuJI Gong. WuJI means entering the unknown or formless and Gong means – cultivating energy – moving your body and mind intentionally in unison.

The results of this approach and all of the above is our prime vision.

I have 3 grown up sons (one is Doris’ son)

Life is an inside job

We may think that change is on the outside – as I did for years – until it simply was not enough. It didn’t work out.

Being younger and setting goals is important – but when you look at it – a snail on it’s trail is more like it.

Being what you are beats pretence.

Knowing what you don’t know beats knowing it all

Listening to the inner map of life get you there

Because as Jon Kabat Zinn put’s is

Everywhere you go – there you are

And this wisdom needs to be applied and sensed to thrive in life or whatever your path is – you are already where  you need to be.

So I hope this will give you an idea of who I am and what I do.

Please don’t misunderstand this – action is great, goals are fine but on a deeper level this action needs to become sustainable.

I don’t feel that I am an expert or authority on this – much of the time I’m clueless or have fears too. But I do know how to handle them better with the right approach – for me that is.

Not getting stuck in mind games (I’m sometimes quite good at that) and letting go of my outer habitual thing patterns and getting down to business – inner business.

Focusing has it all – it slows you down just enough to get a deeper understanding and presence in life – this life is so precious and what we do in it is precious to.

Sometimes we need to act and ignore our fears and sometimes we need to act and deal with them.

The process is life

The understanding is love of life

Love is the key to sustaining resilience and moving with grace – whatever happens happens

Wisdom comes from listening to a snail on a trail

(I am sometimes a slow learner)

It will get you there

it’s sometimes funny how we think that we can outsmart this process – get results by thinking instead of processing our felt senses and we can to some level, but we miss out on the true satisfactions of life if we do.

Our brain cheats us all the time – we look ahead or we look back – but the reality is that we only always are here – right on our own trail of wisdom.

Robert Frost said it this way:

We dance round in a ring and suppose, But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.

How could I forget!

I love to dance too!

Maybe that’s the secret? – movement moves you

A sense of true direction comes from within – we all have this incredibly profound inner compass – and for me – I can only talk for myself – this has become Focusing.

Now that I have introduced myself – I would love to get to know you also.

I offer Focusing because that embodies everything and I will do my best to let you find your particular dance and focus.

If you move – then you move

If you don’t then you don’t

It’s a simple as that

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