Focusing is a completly natural process

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Inner Focusing – what is it?

Just now – try to experience your “inside” and notice if there is anything wanting your attention?

In a very natural way you have just performed a little bit of what we Focuser’s do – teach people to Focus.

Usually most of us focus for something to happen “outside” us to feel better or to get information. But in reality our world is on the inside – in our thoughts and feelings and the subtle way we process information, feelings and felt senses.

As a Focusing Trainer I will teach you how to know your own backyard better.

This is good for business – any sort of business – because that is You – yes the deeper part of You speaking.

When we don’t listen we only live on the upper 10% of an iceberg – when we do listen we learn that there is more to us and life than we ever imagined.

The Focusing method I teach is Domain Focusing – but You don’t need to know that.

What You do need to know is that I will teach You this so that You can excel.

What this may give You

Enjoying deeper feelings

Expressing your values

Learning how to listen without analyzing

Learning how to become involved in life

Recover from stress or other difficulties

Become aware that the answers are within

Learn how to Focus with a partner

Thrive and find commitment in life

Learn how to communicate better with your partner

work on deep inner conflict in a more subtle way

Become a part of the Focusing Community World Wide

Where it comes from

Focusing is developed by Eugene Gendlin. Psychologist and Philosopher – a human with a great discovery.

We can heal when we learn to listen to what our body-felt sense and thoughts are communicating.

This is a well validated fact – inner focusing gives you a virtual inner roadmap and skill that will help you in other areas of life – therapy, business or relationships.

This skill is beyond language, but uses language and metaphor.

It is not an external intervention “do this or apply that” – no it is your own inner knowing that starts showing up when it gets listened to. So different from thousands of other “fix it” approaches on the “shelf help” market!

A virtual inner roadmap

In Domain Focusing, developed by Robert E Lee, we apply Self Empathy and learn how we can Focus by entering our thinking – feeling or felt sense –  equivalent to head, body or feeling. This is done in a special way and leads You in to Felt Sensing with grace and clarity. Felt Sensing makes sense and is usually something most of us are unaware of because “thinking” or “feeling” tend to flood our internal valves and our sense of deep understanding – we get hijacked by our own responses. In Focusing we clear a space and wait…

My role is to facilitate and help You process your inner You.  This can be emotional stuff or just help to clearing your mind – Focusing does that. It reconnects You to your inner “current” which supply’s You with fresh inner knowing and insight. It can be a bit like switching on a light – now You suddenly understand or You have an epiphany.

So Focusing will also help You handle conflict better or become a better teacher or whatever gives You challenges in life.

Any questions?

Let me know if you have any questions. What I offer is priceless but comes at a price and when You have learnt how to be in a Focusing Partnership I will show You how to Focus the rest of your life for f-r-e-e with thousands of Focuser’s worldwide.

How to get started:

Read the book “Focusing” by Eugene Gendlin – it’s available in most languages. This book sold over a million copies!

If You like it and it makes sense – then contact me and I will set up a Skype meeting and tell you about the next steps and hear what your commitment to the process is.

Take care and come when You feel ready – really ready – that’s the right time

Kind Regards

Chris Nunan

Certified Focusing Trainer

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